ROHEALTH - Health and Bioeconomy Cluster

It generates and sustains initiatives and activities related to health, improvement of health and bioeconomy. The cluster develops at national level competitiveness and innovation, promotes and encourages cooperation between companies, organizations, universities and public entities resulting in the growth of economic competitiveness in the fields of Health and Bio.

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Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Hackathon 2018 - 30th November - 2nd December 2018, Germany

EIT Health event is about exploring and discussing current developments and successes in combating Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) across Europe.   Hackathon participants will learn about best-practice guidelines/examples from six countries across Europe, which EIT Health is active in, reflecting on local success stories and challenges. So attend the hackathon and join the fight!...


Denta - the autumn edition- is an event addressed to manufacturers, importers and distributors of equipment, accessories, materials, dental hygiene products and chemical-pharmaceutical products in medicine and dental technique. For more details, access thins link:

Leaders in healthcare Romania -15th of November, Bucharest

Leaders in Healthcare Romania is the first conference that brings ahead  in Romania the ideas and the successful stories of the present medical leaders to inspire the future ones. The conference wants to cover all the leadership’s aspects in the healthcare sector, from the patients and team relationship to the ability of assuming the ruling status and how the leaders can make a real dif...

Hacking Health 2.0 - 3-4 november 2018, in Bucharest

Hacking Health 2.0, is at its second edition and reunite again the great minds, the code lines and the implementation desire. Hacking Health 2.0 is an event dedicated to intelligent medical services that wants to help the health sector through software developers, designers, business and associative people, decision factors, researchers and patient association. To guarantee the continuance o...

Nuclear Medicine Days -1st-4th of November 2018, Iași

This event represents the annual meeting of the practitioners in nuclear medicine domain. It’s focused on the youngers forming in the radiotrasors and SPCT/PET/CT/IRM techniques and defining the Theragnostics concept for personalize and precise medicine. These activities will be managed by romanian and european personalities  which will organize motivational meetings and speeches, while...

The Excelence in medicine and pharmacy conference - 31st of October 2018, Bucharest

The Excelence in medicine and pharmacy conference wants to present to the public opinion and to the experts exemples of local successfully projects in state and private medical sector, in pharmaceutically sector and dental medicine. This conference is dedicated to people employed in the Healthcare sector, like: Hospital managers, companies that provides medical equipment, IT&C products a...

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