#ProudMemberofROHEALTH is a campaign through which ROHEALTH members share the benefits of joining the cluster. We invite you to watch the videos on ROHEALTH's ROHEALTH's YouTube CHannel.


"Being part of ROHEALTH Cluster represents a chance to identify partners in the field of health and complementary areas, to identify national and international funding opportunities." - Simona Ruță, Vice Rector for scientific research at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Carol Davila" from  Bucharest.



"For me, being part of the ROHEALTH Community meant a step forward in entrepreneurial thinking. The Cluster facilitated my access to a perfect course for me: the Innovation Manager Course, which helped me to develop and promote my company better. ”- Sînziana Istrate, representative of Inosearch SRL.



"ROHEALTH means a valuable source of information for our researchers, opportunities for collaboration, preparation of appropriate responses to the strategies under consultation, access to conferences and events, but more than that, ROHEALTH means a community, a living space with doctors, engineers, biologists, computer scientists and more, who communicate and collaborate. ” Mihai Gîrțu, vice-rector of Ovidius University of Constanța.


"For us, being part of ROHEALTH means support in identifying relevant funding sources, understanding the requirements of these sources, promoting the physical and chemical analysis laboratory within the RoHealth community and increasing visibility on the Romanian market." - Livia Maior, representative of Holland Farming Agro.



"I have to confess that in this context ROHEALTH is our solid partner, in Romania, where we strive to create an ecosystem, regarding project implementing and guides of practice for SHAFE for Romania.’’ - Prof. Dr. Luiza Spiru, President of Ana Aslan International Foundation.



The most important benefits of being part of the ROHEALTH community are: the partnerships that help develop and optimize TEMESED products and services, secure and verified information about financing sources in the e-health domain.” - Cristina Radu, representative of Temesed.



I have to say that we are proud to be a member of the ROHEALTH cluster because in this cluster we have identified new partners for dialogue, we learned to correctly evaluate opportunities, in procurement procedures, to understand the specific conditions for the financing sources.” - Ioan Antofie, Chief Pharmacist at the National Association of Hospital Pharmacists from Romania.


Check here all the video testimonials of ROHEALTH members, on YouTube!


About us

Established in 2015 with the goal to support the need to associate various types of entities in the fields of health and bioeconomy in order to increase their competitiveness in the targeted fields, through its activities, ROHEALTH promotes and supports cooperation through sustainable national and international partnerships between private companies, universities, research organizations and public...

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  Objectives       Areas of expertise of the cluster   Research and development in the field of health Research and development in the field of bioeconomy Research - development in the field of education Research - development in the field of biomedicine, agriculture and food, biodiversity (biotechnology, bioinformatics, cellular and m...

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  Join the ROHEALTH team! Send us a CV and a letter of intent to the email address officerohealth@gmail.com.

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Working Groups

Translational Medicine About the group: This thematic working group brings together public and private research organizations that develop activities aimed at solving health problems and improving human health and longevity, such as evidence-based pre-clinical research or disease-oriented research, clinical research, etc. Coordinator: Raluca Prodan Email address: wg.translational@gmail.co...

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  ROHEALTH is member of: MEDRO - The Romanian Clusters Network in the Medical Field CLUSTERO - Romanian Clusters Association  ECHAlliance - GLOBAL CONNECTOR FOR DIGITAL HEALTH ENRICH in China Network CEBR - Council of European BioRegions   National Partnerships:  Balneo-Turistic Cluster Transylvania Health Cluster ”Health Romania”...

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COVID 19 - Social Responsibility

Between March 2020 and December 2021, the ROHEALTH community developed 2 social responsibility projects. HELP THEM SAVE US! and TEACH THEM TO SAVE THEMSELVES!   If in the HELP THE HELP campaign, the goal was to raise funds and medical supplies to support the hospital-type members of the cluster, the second project "TEACH THEM TO SAVE THEMSELVES!" aimed to learn and support free...

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