Project title: PREPARE

Funding source: European Union

Program: Horizon Europe




Project objective: The main objective of the project is to explore the current status of Innovation Partnerships through the stakeholders involved, to define innovation policy instruments with a demand-driven approach to achieve adoption of the results, as well as sustainable commitments from policy makers to decision.



Coordinator: TICBIOMED

P1: Instituto Fomento Region de Murcia

P2: Innovation Skåne

P3: Region Skåne


P5: Bucharest – Ilfov Regional Development Agency

P6: Business Oulu (City of Oulu)

P7: Council of Oulu Region


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HOPE - How Oncogenetics Predicts & Educates

Programme: Erasmus+ Key Action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices Action: Strategic Partnerships Field: Strategic Partnerships for vocational education and training   Project Identification Project Title: Promoters of advanced oncogenetics open online training and multimedia raise awareness on multidisciplinary assessment of patients and their...

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The main approach of NET4AGE-FRIENDLY is to build local or regional ecosystems in each COST country involved, to work on health and well-being in an age-friendly digital world. Ecosystems will be made up of citizens, public authorities, businesses / NGOs and researchers. These will be supported by four thematic working groups (inclusive user-centered design in age-friendly environments a...

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COST 1-GoodBrother

The goal of GoodBrother is to raise awareness of the ethical, legal and privacy issues associated with audio and video-based monitoring and to propose confidential working solutions for assisted living , by creating an interdisciplinary community of researchers and industry partners in various fields. (computer science, engineering, healthcare, law, sociology) and other stakeholders (use...

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CENEMED (POC111) The CENEMED project is an infrastructure project, which aims to modernize 5 research directions: emergency medicine and pharmacy, oncological surgery, immunology - genetics, nephrology - nephropathology, gastroenterology and liver.     HYNAMAT (POC 121) The general objective of the project is to create a spin-off based on a patent and the development of...

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Project Title: NE4HEALTH - NEW EUROPEAN ELECTRONICS FOR GLOBAL HEALTH AND WELLBEING Funding source: COSME Program: Clusters Go International Program Reference: COS-CLUSINT-2019-3-01   Project objective: The main objective of the project is to create a world-leading cluster partnership, to set up a "European Strategic Cluster Partnership - Going International"...

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Project Title: NoBoCap - Notified Body Increased Capacity Funding Source: European Union Programme: EU4Health Reference: 101101269   Project objective: The main objective of the project is to increase the capacity of notified bodies (NB) quickly and sustainably.   Consortium: Main applicant: ROHEALTH - The Health and Bioeconomy Cluster  P...

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HORIZON MountResilience

Project Title: MountResilience - Accelerating transformative climate adaptation for higher resilience in European mountain regions Funding Source: European Union Programme: Horizon Reference: 101112876     Project objective: MountResilience will support European regions and communities located in mountainous areas to increase their capacity to adapt to clim...

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