Дивіться цю сторінку українською мовою



As of March 10, the Solidarity Call Center becomes operational, including in Ukrainian!

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Because health also involves social responsibility The ROHEALTH Cluster together with the members involved  mobilized to help refugees by providing free medical services with Russian or Ukrainian speakers, donations of medical equipment, accommodation and food, education and more.




The ROH4UCRAINA project consolidates real-time information on services provided by both cluster members and other Romanian institutions wishing to support refugees in Ukraine.


1) facilitating the information necessary for the state of health

  free medical services

       accommodation  | food

       legal advice

       pet services







2) Collection of funds and materials necessary for them



The accounts opened for donations are:


Ron: RO90BRDE426SV02339694260            Eur: RO82BRDE426SV02339854260



Free Medical Services

Дивіться цю сторінку українською мовою In the list below we have gathered information about organizations that provide free medical services   National Level  Pediatric Oncology – Daruieste Aripi Association  Regina Maria offers free medical services to Ukraine citizens, in all its clinics and partner...

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Pet Services

In the list below we have gathered information about organizations that provide services for pets   Bucharest  The Vets, in Bucharest:  PerfectPet offers refugee pets a passport and a microchip at the price of 1 leu  For passport-free animals arriving in Bucharest from Ukraine, Speed ​​Vet offers free passport i...

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Transport Services

In the list below we have gathered information about organizations that provide legal advice services  Tarsin Radauti company took over for free by bus the Ukrainian citizens who wanted to get to the bus stations, the train station or the airport -  Romfour - international passenger transport provides assistance to refugees to get to the nearest cities - http...

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 Moldtelecom offers free Prepay cards at checkpoints from Ukraine to Moldova -   Orange offers free communication to and from Ukraine, plus free PrePay cards distributed at certain border points -

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Over 100 private schools offer to free schooling for Ukrainian children during refuge in Romania -  Ukrainian refugees seeking education can apply to universities such as the University of Bucharest, Babeş-Bolyai University, and the University of Suceava but also to schools and high schools in Maramureş, Satu Mare, Suceava, Botoşani, Tulcea, Arad, Caraş-Severin,...

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 A platform has been created where Ukrainians settling in Romania can find jobs    A job platform has been set up for Ukrainian refugees

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 The community of POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest has initiated a fundraising campaign dedicated to the victims of the war in Ukraine!  Bogdan Tanasa from  Casa Share offers 10 tons of lighters for those hosting refugees -  In Bucharest, the Asociatia...

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About us

Established in 2015 with the goal to support the need to associate various types of entities in the fields of health and bioeconomy in order to increase their competitiveness in the targeted fields, through its activities, ROHEALTH promotes and supports cooperation through sustainable national and international partnerships between private companies, universities, research organizations and public...

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ROHEALTH - The Health and Bioeconomy Cluster

  The Health and Bioeconomy Cluster - ROHEALTH generates and sustains initiatives and activities related to health, improvement of health and bioeconomy. At national level, the Cluster develops competitiveness and innovation, it promotes and encourages cooperation between companies, organizations, universities and public entities resulting in the growth of economic competitivenes...

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BEHEALTH 2023 International Event in Healthcare, October 24-26, 2023, 6th Edition Register HERE:   SAVE THE DATE   In 2023, we will continue the BEHEALTH tradition with even more interesting topics in the field of medical research and innovation, providing participants with a matchmaking platform as a support to find new pa...

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Contact:  MEDRo Romanian Network of Clusters in the Medical Field - is a network that includes all health clusters in Romania and appeared in 2018 under the auspices of Clustero as a necessity for the exchange of information and good practices on addressing issues in the medical field and related sectors, as well as of increasing the visibility of the clusters in...

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