„Cooperation, the watchword in the cluster" - interview with Flaviana Rotaru in Viața Medicală magazine

In this interview, the readers can find an overview of the activities and benefits of clusters with a focus on the work of ROHEALTH, chaired by the interlocutor in the article.

"Access to non-reimbursable funding, to investors, to know-how is just one of the advantages that a cluster member has," says Flaviana Rotaru, president and co-founder of ROHEALTH.


Many topics were addressed such as what a cluster is and does, the need for a Notified Body for Romania, about ROHEALTH working groups and how it has been succeeded to make health innovation to be very well represented, both nationally and regionally. Last but not least, the international brokerage event BEHEALTH 2021 annually organized by ROHEALTH, was briefly mentioned.


The article was published on page 15 of issue 51-52 of the magazine Viața Medicală, the last issue in 2021. You can read it in Romanian on the journal's website or in pdf format.


Enjoy your reading!