June 16, 2022 - Webinar | „Technology & Methods for Metallomic Imaging with LA-ICP-MS”

Webinar | Technology & Methods for Metallomic Imaging with LA-ICP-MS” is provided by Apel Laser, Rohealth member


Teledyne CETAC Technologies have been developing advanced analytical instrumentation and automation for academia and industry for over 25 years. One key area of interest is the field of analytical Laser Ablation, and Teledyne CETAC includes the Teledyne Photon Machines business that innovate and develop laser ablation systems for a wide variety of application areas all over the world.

Due to the scientifically advanced nature of the analytical science we are involved with we are very keen to support academic collaborations and have continuously done so in the past. These projects generate a great deal of value to Teledyne CETAC both by helping us to develop innovative new hardware for our customers, as well as generating meaningful scientific output and helping advance scientific knowledge in areas of significant interest.


Speaker: Dr. Ciprian Stremtan


Dr. Ciprian Stremtan is the Global Product Specialist for the Laser Ablation line of products. With a background in geochemistry, Ciprian has focused on developing new and exciting applications for Laser Ablation ICP MS, including trace elemental imaging for biological samples and the use of Laser Ablation as sample introduction method for stable isotope measurements.



The date is Thursday, June 16, between 16:00 and 18:00 (EET).

To participate, those interested are asked to register Here