COST 1 - GoodBrother

The goal of GoodBrother is to raise awareness of the ethical, legal and privacy issues associated with audio and video-based monitoring and to propose confidential working solutions for assisted living , by creating an interdisciplinary community of researchers and industry partners in various fields. (computer science, engineering, healthcare, law, sociology) and other stakeholders (users, decision makers, public services), stimulating new research and innovation. GoodBrother will offset the "Big Brother" sense of continuous monitoring by increasing user acceptance, leveraging these new solutions and improving market coverage.


Start date: September 29-30, 2020

5 working groups

37 participating countries

Period : 4 years


Due to the covid-19 pandemic, the first period of the Action was extended by 6 months (April 30, 2021 - October 31, 2021). 


Action Management Committee:

  • Ana Aslan International Foundation (Prof. Dr. Luiza Spiru, MC1 and coordinator)
  • Polytechnic University of Bucharest (Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eng. Irina Georgiana Mocanu, MC2)
  • UMF Carol Davila (Head of works Dr. Ioana Ioancio, Substitute Member)
  • Transilvania University of Brașov (Associate Professor Dr. Eng. Titus Balan, Substitute Member)

Network Members:

  • CIeH, UMF Carol Davila Innovation and e-Health Center (Assistant Professor Dr. Ștefan Busnatu, CIeH coordinator)
  • RoHealth - Health and Bioeconomy Cluster (Flaviana Rotaru, President and Founding Member of RoHealth)
  • Polytechnic University of Timisoara & European Federation for Medical Informatics - EFMI & Romanian Society of Medical Informatics - SRIM (Prof. Univ. Dr. Eng. Lăcrămioara Stoicu-Tivadar)
  • IT Center for Science and Technology (Oana Cramariuc, PhD)


Proiectele membrilor clusterului ROHEALTH demonstreaza tangibil dorinta de colaborare  precum si interactiunea dintre acestia. Imprumutul  de resursa umana,  necesar  implementarii cu succes  a proiectelor pentru a avea cea mai buna paleta de competente  este o obisnuinta  in comunitatea ROHEALTH,  pentru ca intotdeauna IMPREUNA  inseamna MAI BI...

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ERASMUS HOPE - How Oncogenetics Predicts & Educates

  Sursa de finantare: ERASMUS + Activitati cheie: Cooperarea pentru inovare si schimbul de bune practici Actiunea: Parteneriate strategice Domeniul de interventie: Parteneriate strategice pentru educatie si formare profesionala   TITLUL PROIECTULUI: "Promoters of advanced oncogenetics open online training and multimedia raise awareness on multidisciplinary assessm...

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Titlul proiectului: NE4HEALTH - NEW EUROPEAN ELECTRONICS FOR GLOBAL HEALTH AND WELLBEING Sursa de finanțare: COSME Program: Clusters Go International Program Referință: COS-CLUSINT-2019-3-01   Obiectivul proiectului: Obiectivul principal al proiectului este de a crea un parteneriat de cluster lider mondial, de a înființa un „Parteneriat european de cluster strategic - Goi...

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The main approach of NET4AGE-FRIENDLY is to build local or regional ecosystems in each COST country involved, to work on health and well-being in an age-friendly digital world. Ecosystems will be made up of citizens, public authorities, businesses / NGOs and researchers. These will be supported by four thematic working groups (inclusive user-centered design in age-friendly environmen...

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Fonduri Structurale

CENEMED (POC111) Proiectul CENEMED este un proiect de infrastructura, ce vizeaza modernizarea a 5 directii de cercetare: medicina de urgenta si farmacie, chirurgie oncologica, imunologie – genetica, nefrologie – nefropatologie, gastroenterologie si hepato.    HYNAMAT (POC 121) Obiectivul general al proiectului este crearea unui spin-off pe baza unui brevet si dez...

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Titlul proiectului: NoBoCap - Notified Body Increased Capacity Sursa de finanțare: Uniunea Europeană Program: EU4Health Referință: 101101269   Obiectivul proiectului: Obiectivul principal al proiectului este creșterea capacității organismelor notificate. Consorţiu: Coordonator: ROHEALTH - Clusterul pentru Sănătate și Bioeconomie P1: SGS BELGIUM N...

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